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MJ Kane advises both Limited Companies, Sole Traders, and Individuals on tax planning & business growth & management. In order to offer an all-round service, we also work closely alongside key experts for financial advice and planning.

Business Advice

MJ Kane has many years of experience as fully qualified Chartered Accountants.

In that time, we’ve learnt a lot about how to manage and grow businesses across many different industries. From growth strategies to marketing techniques. We can give all the Advice and Guidance needed to Grow and Strengthen your Business, whether you need help with strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions or help improving cashflow and raising funds.

Tax Advice and Planning

Tax planning is overlooked by many businesses, mainly because it can be incredibly complicated, so they don’t have the expertise.

MJ Kane are experts in tax planning, and we will get to know your business in order to help you make it more tax efficient, minimizing the tax you need to pay.

Effective tax planning can be one of the greatest tools for a business’s success. You can place trust in your finances and eliminate the worry of uncertainty.

Business Growth

MJ Kane can perform a detailed review of your business. The aim of this exercise is to identify areas of strength and weakness in your business. Highlighting areas to push and areas to improve. Helping you make your business stronger and more successful.

Financial Advice and Planning

Financial planning is overlooked by many businesses and individuals. Planning ahead can be the best decision to safeguard your finances. MJ Kane work closely with a key industry leader for financial advice and planning for our clients. We work together to help with:

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Protection Planning
  • Corporate Services
  • Banking and Mortgages

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