Received a notice about an overdue confirmation statement? Don’t worry! It’s a common occurrence and, thankfully, doesn’t come with late filing fees. Let’s walk through how you can quickly and easily file your limited company’s confirmation statement.

What Is a Confirmation Statement?

A confirmation statement, known to use accountants as a form CS01, is a mandatory form for all companies and LLPs registered in the UK. Its key purpose is to allow Companies House to ensure they have accurate information about your company.  

When Do I File a Confirmation Statement

Similar to your company accounts. Your company confirmation statement must be filed within 14 days after the end of your 12-month period. The date can change over time.

For companies who haven’t had to file a confirmation statement yet, the deadline is 12 months from your incorporation date for your first confirmation statement. For companies who have already filed their first confirmation statement, you’ll need to check companies house for the due date or check on your last confirmation statement.

Once the 14-day window passes, your confirmation statement is overdue. You can also file early to update Companies House on changes, like a new company address or change in shareholders.

Penalties for Late Filing

There are no automatic fines for late confirmation statements. However, don’t get too liberal with your deadlines. You should still file as soon as possible to avoid future penalties. Ignoring Companies House can lead to fines up to £5,000 under the Companies Act 2006, and they could even close your company for continuous non-compliance and issue criminal proceedings for breaching your director duties.

Filing an Overdue Confirmation Statement

If your confirmation statement is overdue, you can have an accountant file it for you or you can try filing it on your own.

Verify Your Company Details.

Ensure your company information is current on the Companies House register. If they are not up to date, you should update these with your return. The key details to keep accurate are:

  • Registered company address
  • Shares Issued
  • Shareholding Owners
  • People with significant control (PSC)
  • Directors and company secretary
  • Registered company email address

Update Outdated Information

If anything needs updating, we recommend you use the Web Filing service. This is also where you’ll file your confirmation statement. Paper copies can be completed, however they cost double the price currently and can take longer to update.

File Your Confirmation Statement

Once your details are accurate, file your confirmation statement. You can update various pieces of information, such as:

  • Business nature (SIC codes)
  • Statement of share capital
  • Share trading status
  • Shareholder information
  • PSC register

Pay the Filing Fee

There’s an annual fee for the confirmation statement. This fee is only required once per 12-month period, regardless of how many times you file within that period.

Avoid Missing Future Deadlines

To avoid the stress of overdue confirmation statements, sign up for email reminders from Companies House. They’ll send periodic reminders. Alternatively, you can appoint someone to act on your behalf (that’s when we step in) and they can keep everything compliant for you.

Handling an overdue confirmation statement is straightforward if you act promptly. By staying informed about the process and communicating with Companies House, you can keep your company compliant and in good standing.